SEO is Dead

SEO Is Dead? Is SEO Dead? #SEOIsDead

Would it help if we said it 10 more times? [only our keyword density score – editor]

SEO is Dead. SEO is Dead. SEO is Dead. SEO is Dead. SEO is Dead. SEO is Dead. SEO is Dead. SEO is Dead. SEO is Dead. SEO is Dead.

There, we repeated it. Happy? No? Neither are we because it’s another example of what we excel at producing: pure, unfiltered bullshit. We can say it all we want, but it’s not going to make it true.

Every few months or so another reporter, journalist, blogger, venture capitalist, Jason Calacanis wannabe, actual Jason Calacanis, or spurned intern facing an editorial deadline writes a post officially declaring SEO dead. They then go on to describe at length what killed SEO stone dead and what’s going to replace the maggot ridden carcass of SEO – which turns into a fairly long winded description of what most people consider to be current SEO.

Ironically, they always write this post on a site which depends on SEO for most of its traffic but hasn’t been doing a great job of keeping up with their competitors.   Curiously enough they never actually noindex their post to prove that SEO is dead.

Their post can generally be reduced to “SEO is Dead. SEO Killed it, So Stop Doing SEO and Do SEO Instead. Long Live SEO” only they don’t call the new thing SEO (since it’s dead) they call it something else like Inbound Marketing, Growth Hacking, Online Experience Optimization, Digital Marketing, Organic Visibility, Audience Development, Customer Journey Engagement Optimization, or some other term they just snagged the exact match domain for and are hoping catches on, so they can SEO their way to the top of the rankings for that term.

They may occasionally throw in Social media or PR as the “new SEO”, but they still concern themselves with optimizing their title and description tags, while ensuring that they have plenty of decent links with good quality anchor text coming into the post, despite decrying that approach in the very same post.

Rather than write this post every few months like the other leading non-SEO blogs and news outlets, we here at WTFSEO have taken a more pragmatic approach: We’ve decided to make a permanent SEO is dead post. That way, we won’t have to waste time re-writing the same thing every year or changing the date on the post to get an SEO benefit.

Is SEO Dead? No. It’s just evolved, and continues to do so. Will SEO ever die? Probably not – because as long as people search, businesses will want to be included in the results, and they’ll call on the marketers to do that for them. One day soon we may be searching by talking into pins on our chest or even our shoes, and the results might not be websites, but there will always be searching and there will always be people like us doing our best to manipulate those searches.

Just like the other blogs, we depend on SEO for a lot of our traffic too – only we’re not playing coy about it. They may disguise their blatant clickbait as journalism, but we’re wiling to admit that we do depend on SEO and this post is nothing but a ploy for more traffic – so link to this post dammit. And while you’re at it, check out the share buttons below.

SEO Is Dead
SEO is Dead. It Was Killed By SEO. This year, and every year.