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    How to Optimize E-commerce Sites for Black Friday

    So our How E-commerce Sites Should Optimize for Back To School (Note to Editor – I can’t seem to find that post anywhere. Did you not get my email?) post did really well and thus we thought why not cover another great holiday all parents love – Black Friday. Cyber Monday is okay but it […] More

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    Best SEO Person or Cat 2018

    So you like SEO? And you like lists? We assume you have been told by every politician and celebrity to vote recently so we figured we would jump on that bandwagon too. YOUR VOTE MATTERS HERE. Well, we don’t care if you vote, we just wanted to make a list of popular people with the […] More

  • Top SEO News Roundup Recap Digest from WTFSEO

    Top SEO News Roundup Recap Digest

    At WTFSEO, we know you’re too busy to stay current with the flood of SEO News being written everyday. Heck, we know you’re so busy, you don’t even have time to scan the headlines of the five or twenty SEO News recap email newsletters you’ve subscribed to. Let us do the heavy lifting for you! […] More