Top SEO News Roundup Recap Digest

Top SEO News Roundup Recap Digest from WTFSEO

At WTFSEO, we know you’re too busy to stay current with the flood of SEO News being written everyday. Heck, we know you’re so busy, you don’t even have time to scan the headlines of the five or twenty SEO News recap email newsletters you’ve subscribed to.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you! We’ve subscribed to every SEO News top 10, roundup, recap, digest, journal, watch, daily, insider and update so that you don’t have to. We cull the cream of the crop, separating the wheat from the chaff, the men from the boys, the sheep from the goats to create a news feed that fits with your busy lifestyle. Think of this as a digest of digests, a recap of recaps, a roundup of roundups.

Methodology: The Secret Sauce

How do we manage to accomplish this with so many reputable sources of information, you’re wondering? We merge the weekly news headlines from the web’s most trusted sources of SEO information into a single dataset. That data is uploaded by our senior business analytics manager (this great kid who is interning for us this semester) to an Excel spreadsheet complete with pivot tables, vlookups, macros, conditional formatting and even Sparklines (very cool stuff).

We de-dupe the articles that are basically regurgitations of the same tweet from that guy from the search engine. That typically reduces the list from about 360 down to five. The remaining articles are sorted based on a Spearman rank correlation coefficient to determine relevance of the news to the current phase of the moon’s orbit (we take Astrology very seriously here at WTFSEO). The list is furthered filtered for authors with a Klout score of at least 50 and then scored using stochastic modelling. Finally, articles are whittled down by word count. We don’t include anything with more than 250 words (because really, who has time for that???).

The Good With The Bad

We admit our news selection algorithm is a bit stringent but there’s a lot of spam out there and someone has to protect the integrity of the Internet. We feel our approach ensures the highest quality and best user experience. The downside is that sometimes we get it wrong. We’re not perfect. Our engineers are tuning the news selection algorithm on a daily basis. Last year, we made over 500 inconsequential tweaks that admittedly didn’t really change anything but we’re a tenacious bunch and we have to keep the purveyors of news guessing otherwise they game this system.

So without further ado, here is the first installment of …

Top SEO News Roundup Recap Digest

Google to update their search algorithm again – Search Engine Blog Daily News.

(sorry folks, just one article made the cut this week)

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