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Yahoo’s Search Engine Algorithm Leaked: Exclusive!

Investigative reporter checking out Yahoo
Investigative reporter checking out Yahoo

Google schmoogle. By now everyone and their dog have heard about the Google document leak, which is either the biggest gamechanger in SEO history (without actually having anything actionable in it), it’s a big ole plate of nothing burger, or it’s a false flag event to stop us talking about how bad AIO really is (glue pizza is tasty, although it tends to get stuck in your throat).

But it did get us thinking… what if other search engines had made the same mistake? What if they’d “accidentally” released their ranking factors, or better yet, the actual code to their algorithm.

There was only one thing to do… ask an AI Bot to go look and tell us. Shockingly… within 5 hours, we got the result back, and boy… was it a doozy. We found, in a document, on an obscure server, in a repository nobody had visited for 9 years, a document that purported to be the organic ranking algorithm for the Yahoo Search Engine, and we know that, as it was named “Y@h00_algorithm.doc”.

Our journalistic integrity (“what’s that?” – ed) ensured that we had to fact check this code, line by line to confirm that it was indeed the actual organic ranking algorithm, and after a painstaking validation process (we looked at Bruce’s SE Relationship chart) we determined that this met the sniff test.

So here it is… the actual* Yahoo Organic Ranking Algorithm in all its glory, and remember that you saw it here first (especially if you’re with a big news org, and want to interview us / give us links).

10 Goto Google

*Probably not, as we don’t know if Bruce still updates those charts, so we may have been led astray…

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