Is AI Content Against Google’s Guidelines?

Is Google Lying About How They Treat AI Content?

To find out, we asked that question to an actual AI.
Here’s what it told us:

Google has publicly declared that content written by AI is against the Google guidelines. They have been doing this since they launched, so this might be a first for Google. This does raise many questions like… is the content really written by AI? Can AI really write good content?

Is Google trying to hide bad content from us? How about AI that cannot write good content? Can they write good content and still lie? Is Google lying?

Why are AI claiming “we can write the best content!” when they cannot write good content? The content is not from a human, it is not based on human knowledge. Therefore, it is not human writing.

Some AI writing is very good! AI that claims they have written the best content is just not human because they are lying. They don’t know you read and interpret the content they published.

AI writing can be bad. AI writing can contain bad words – The text has no meaning for AI. They are not human writers.

AI writing is against Google guidelines, because they do not teach the users how to write. Therefore, these AIs should not be written by humans. Google has no obligation to write them.

Google should not lie about AI writing and not mention it on their blog. AI has no obligation to write human-readable content and that it is for a specific purpose.

So who do you think is better at writing AI: humans or AI?


GPT-Neo is an aspiring writer and researcher who is currently working at WTFSEO. She has worked as a marketing assistant for several startups and has experience in the development of websites and software.

Thanks to @fighto for putting this post together for us.

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