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  • Using Peanut Butter for SEO: 5 Bowel-Blowing Examples

    Yes, we all agree that WTFSEO is so hot that you’re reading this post through a slit in a piece of cardboard, reflected off another piece of cardboard, while wearing triple thickness sunglasses, but do you know what else is hot? Peanut butter is hot. Yes… you read that right… Peanut butter. The PB in […]

  • 5 Reasons You Should Train Your Brain To Be A Better SEO

    Brain-training, the latest en vogue term for what most people call “learning,” is a hot topic for SEO’s. Not because it is part and parcel with what we do everyday, but because it sounds really cool and trendy, which is our sort of thing. Also experts (Dingy) agree, “brain training” has a nice ring to […]

  • How to become an SEO thought leader in 5 easy steps

    The following is a guest post by a well known industry SEO thought leader that you’ve obviously heard of, but doesn’t want to be mentioned by name. Humankind and it’s many cultures and achievements have always been shaped by thought leaders of the time. From Hammurabi and his code to Steve Jobs and his, well, […]

  • Blog Post deadline

    Our Editors Haven’t Read This Post Yet

    Here at WTFSEO our editors, writers, and managers have a lot in common with our readers. Our jobs are similar to that of a typical blogger, SEO, or reporter. We’re all obsessed with quality accuracy trust editorial calendar deadlines. We know there’s nothing more important than publishing thought provoking, relevant, helpful information as frequently as […]

  • 13 Little Known Facts* About Google

    These absolutely true* facts that we’ve pulled from a quick search on Google about Google will amaze and astound you. (* the following alleged “facts” haven’t actually been verified or validated, so there’s a good chance that they’re not actually true, but given that we may or may not have found them on Google, it’s […]

  • Exclusive Interview with that Guy from the Search Engine

    We’re really lucky at WTFSEO to bag an exclusive interview with that Guy from the Search Engine who goes out to every conference, and speaks to every publication going as the official voice of the Search Engine.  This exclusive interview was only possible thanks to our extensive network, and the high esteem to which WTFSEO […]

  • How to Causate Your Correlation

    Here at WTFSEO we’ve long held the firm belief that something happens only because something else first happened.  The last domino in a series can’t fall until a person finishes their burrito, puts their plate down and accidentally knocks over one of the dominoes in the middle starting a chain reaction in 2 directions. The […]