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13 Little Known Facts* About Google

These absolutely true* facts that we’ve pulled from a quick search on Google about Google will amaze and astound you.

(* the following alleged “facts” haven’t actually been verified or validated, so there’s a good chance that they’re not actually true, but given that we may or may not have found them on Google, it’s their own fault. The use of the term “facts” is not intended to imply that these are factual statements, as they’re not)

  1. The first page Googlebot crawled was which was the only site indexed for the first 8 months of the company’s life.Google Kitten
  2. Google originally started as a porn search engine where men would “Go Ogle” women.
  3. If you type Google into Google a kitten dies.
  4. Google’s annual kitten purchasing / disposal budget is now higher than the GDP of Andorra over the last 10 years.
  5. Googlebot first became self aware in June of 2013 and now draws a salary from the company. It’s unclear what it spends it on.
  6. Each Google Doodle takes a team of 75 engineers just over a month to produce.
  7. There are no brown M&M’s in the dispensers located around the Googleplex due to a founding exec’s fandom of Van Halen.
  8. Page Rank, or Green Fairy Dust was so called because the lead developer on the project was Cassandra Fairy-Dust.
  9. If you’d have started working at Google right at the beginning, then left before the IPO and decided to forego any options you may have had vested, you’d be kicking yourself right now.
  10. An anagram of Google is Le Goog, which is 2014-09-10_11-18-25how the company is probably referred to in France.
  11. Google employees are allowed out of the GooglePlex twice per year for up to a week at a time, provided they score a 4/5 on their most recent quarterly review.
  12. There are more active users of Google Plus than there are people on the planet.
  13. Google makes over 7 changes to the algorithm every year, with the majority of those done to “mess with SEOs”.

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