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Rumor: Social media site you love to do something you hate – unless you share this post.

Breaking news: Our confidential source (the same one who tipped us off to the free dollars Bill Gates was giving away for re-sending an email) has just shared some troubling news with us: That one social media site you love so much and use daily is about to start doing something you will hate.

If we want to stop this, we have to act now. If this post reaches [editor: insert arbitrary number] shares on [that site] they’ve agreed to not do that thing you’ll hate. Please share this post with all your friends and pass the word.

WTFSEO Protest Day:
In an effort to protest the potential change that we’ll hate on the site we love, WTFSEO is organizing a protest day where everybody will delete their account on the popular site and create a new one on our newly launched social network: Owdy. If enough of us move our accounts, then the site we all currently use will be forced to listen to our concerns. Also, it’s almost corporate bonus time and if we don’t get enough Owdy┬ásign ups, I’m not going to be able to afford that trip I’ve planned for this winter.

BONUS FOR WTFSEO READERS: Owdy is currently invite only, but to help with our protest we’ve secured a free invite code for WTFSEO readers: Head on over to the Owdy Sign Up Page and use code: wtfseo

UPDATE: We have reached out to that site you love seeking comment, their response can be found here.

Use the share buttons below and share this post on all of your social networks – otherwise the site is going to do that thing you hate.

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