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Bringing Back the ‘LOL’

In shocking news this week, Facebook announced that since nobody uses ‘lol’ anymore, they’re officially switching to ‘haha’ as the preferred way to end a sentence.

Upon learning this news we instantly realized that whenever a company makes an earth shatteringly non-event announcement like this, people split into three separate and distinct factions:

  • Faction 1:  Those who love it
  • Faction 2: Those who hate it
  • Faction 3: Those who couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss about the change as it no way impacts their life in any meaningful manner whatsoever

Immediately we thought there was an opportunity for us to join the discussion and generate some ad revenue. So with that in mind…

We’re announcing that we’re officially on #TeamLOL

Why Us? It’s simple. We killed Ello (remember that site?  No, us neither… we had to go look it up to find out what it was called) with Owdy, Facebook killed “Lol” with “Haha”, so it’s only natural that we kill facebook’s killing of “lol” with Finland’s favorite marketing site – WTFSEO.

In fact, we’re taking it even further and officially banning the word “haha” on our social network, Owdy. In order to further our case, we’re actually going to start using ‘lol’ instead of the period (.) to end our sentences lol

Not only will this help us get more exposure for our beloved lol, but it will allow thousands of texters plausible deniability by allowing them to see their recipient’s reaction and then explain they were only joking if said reaction is not what was expected lol.

We urge you, gentle reader, to join #TeamLOL and start inserting ‘lol’ into your sentences. Go ahead, end all of your sentences with ‘lol’ Start them all with ‘lol’ – or lol, just insert it randomly into the middle lol of your sentence lol. It really fits anywhere lol.

It’s up to us to take back our word lol before it gets out of hand.

Top 7 reasons why we support ‘lol’

  1. lol can be typed entirely with the same finger
  2. ‘lol’ requires 33% less typing than ‘haha’
  3. ‘hahaCats’ doesn’t quite sound right
  4. ‘haha’ is redundant. What’s the value-add of the extra ha?
  5. unlike ‘hehe’ ‘lol’ is gender neutral.
  6. ‘lol’ is a palindrome, just like “taco cat”, the unofficial mascot of WTFSEO.
  7. Things that change after we turn 30 are inherently wrong.

Note: Yes, I already used this idea in 2005 and I’m not above repurposing it now.

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