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The Best SEO Expert In The World

The Best SEO Expert In The World
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Who is the best SEO expert in the world?

Are you the best SEO expert in the world? am I? (editor note: of course I am!) is it somebody you’ve never heard of?

First of all, you’ll never get even two SEOs to agree on who The best SEO expert in the world is.

I can tell you who is not the best SEO expert in the world though. It’s not somebody who hasn’t done SEO in over a decade like Matt Cutts. It’s definitely not Rand Fishkin who will tell anybody at an SEO conference he’s keynoting that he’s not an SEO. It’s also not any of the commonly listed people who you see on every top SEOs list – many of whom have never done SEO, retired, or have since passed away.

The fact is, the best SEO experts in the world include lots of people you’ve probably never heard of. Why is that? Because the best SEO experts don’t need to rank for terms like “best seo” or “top seos” or “SEO expert” or anything like that. They are too busing making money from doing SEO.

The world’s best SEO experts don’t really need to rank for vanity keywords to get business, and they don’t need to feed their egos by calling themselves the best SEOs. They get their work through referrals from past clients, other agencies, word of mouth, tool vendors, etc.

What would make somebody an SEO expert? I doubt you’ll even get SEOs to agree on that, but it would not entail being listed on any ego bait lists.

So, who is the best SEO expert in the world?

It’s you! You’re the best SEO expert in the world

Are you really? who cares, you can be if you want to be. Just add yourself to a list and publish it. One day somebody somewhere will eventually stumble upon that list, and to them you will be the best SEO expert in the world. Congrats!

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