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What Shoresy Can Teach Us About Marketing

If you’re a fan of Letterkenny you know doubt know the character of Shorsey – the foul mouthed hockey player/referee who’s constantly telling people to quit whining. Now, Shoresy has his own series on hulu. If you haven’t seen it yet, mix in a clue and at least check out the trailer, or go for a soda.

Anyway, here’s 7 things that Shoresy can teach us about marketing:

Never Lose Again

It’s not enough to love winning. You have to hate losing. There’s a lot of bad ROI options, and the losses come. Learn to hate the L, like you hated your 7th grade science teacher who made you dissect that formaldehyde reeking frog with fake guts. Analyze why you lost instead of worrying about the W boys. Just get the W boys. Give your balls a tug.

Veteran Presence.

There’s still something to be said for a wiley veterans presence. G’s who’ve been in the trenches.

They may not be at their prime, but experience teaches you to only pick the fights that are worthwhile. Age and treachery will always triumph over youth and skill. Put together a team that understands both the L and the W.

Know Your Role

Run ’em and fill ’em in.
Sometimes you need soldiers, and sometimes you need snipers. Just shoot the puck and call your shot, and put one up on the scoreboard, or give ’em the lumber.

If You Can’t Win, Don’t Play

This should be a motto for marketing, SEO, and business. There’s some big sharks out there in the sea.

Sometimes the odds are stacked against you. Occasionally, an underdog wins, and you can find a niche that scales. You find yourself a lifestyle business, or the nub on the head of a horse that might not just be some circus BS, but might be just the start of a real life unicorn. A business you can, win, keep playing, and knock some appledorns up into the boards and throw a good solid legal check or two.

Don’t Be So Fucking Awkward, Bud

Nobody wants to work with somebody they think is made of spare parts. Bring your A game and know when to stay silent. Sometimes this requires not even saying shit if your mouth is full of it. You have to pick your moments.

Great Teams Bring People Together

I’m going to invoke the 2004 Detroit Pistons for this one. There were no career all-stars, but just a great team of great players who hated losing just as much or more than they loved winning.

The next year, my friend Brian’s terribly stacked San Antonio Spurs got one better than Rasheed and Ben Wallace with Chauncey Billups and Rip Hamilton. Tayshaun Prince was a true 6th man star.

Keep looking for your dream team, and learning from great winning teams that hate to fucking lose.

Above all else,

Give your balls a tug. titfucker.

Ed Note: Most of the above post was contributed by an SEO who chooses to remain anonymous, and was not written by the regular WTFSEO editorial staff.

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