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This Epic Flowchart Will Help You Decide Whether to Listen to SEO Advice

Print this flowchart for SEO emergencies!

Should you listen to that SEO advice you just read?

Or was it written by a useless SEO fool?

The flowchart below might just help you decide. Maybe. However, as always, please remember the wise words of Rush: if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

Like most sophisticated questions about search engine optimization, there’s no one answer. As always, it depends on whom you ask – and whether you are a special kind of gullible. (Take this gullibility test to find out!)

When going through this totally logical chart, keep in mind that the answer you reach today may be different from the answer you come to later on. Unless it’s something that comes straight from the mouth or keyboard/keypad of a Google SEO spokesperson – their advice is always explicit, timeless, never open to interpretation, and NEVER changes!

If this flowchart says Ignore / Delete Advice, then it certainly doesn’t mean that you have to ignore that advice forever. After all, the author of the advice might not yet be calling himself or herself a guru, ninja, or a rockstar right now. But their Klout score could go up – Klout FTW!

Who knows… maybe in two hours, tomorrow morning, or 42 days from now, the person handing out free advice in attempt to grow his/her personal brand will be a big deal influencer (perhaps after they get invited to speak at WTFSEOcon?) and their “crazy ideas” will all suddenly become brilliant.

Pro tip: print this flowchart out and keep it in your wallet for SEO emergencies!

OK, I think I’ve hit my Yoast SEO word count minimum (Ed Note: Almost. ‘Twas 15 words short. Fixed that for you.) Go give our WTFSEO SEO advice flowchart a whirl!


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