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Here at WTFSEO we’ve decided that it’s time to release our “secret sauce” to the world, and let all of our WTFers know how we, the masters (and mistresses) of link building lead the world in link building techniques.  Whatever the search engines or biblical characters say, ignore them, we’re the ones that you need to listen to, as we’re so far over the cutting edge that we’re somewhere down a deep black link building abyss that none but the brightest and the most adventurous can see.

So what do you have to do to get all of our link building secrets?  It’s a simple 3 stage process.

  1. Register your email with us (opting in to our daily, weekly, and monthly emails on this and our 7 sister sites), as a person interested in our white paper.  In return we’ll send you a list of WTFSEO articles, and anchor text that we’d like associated with those articles.
  2. Place links to at least 10 of those articles throughout aged and new content on your site, using the keywords we provided you, and guarantee not to take them down for at least 2 years.
  3. Send us links to the pages you’ve put the links on.

After about a month (so we can verify that you’ve kept the links in place), we’ll send you a link to enter your credit card details (don’t worry, the report is free, you’ll only get charged $20 per month per link should you take any of the links to WTFSEO down before the 2 years is up).  Upon approval we’ll send you our fantastic Link Building White Paper which will instruct you on how to:

  • “Build Lots of Links in one Blog Post using Your Most Gullible Readers”
  • “How to build links to WTFSEO at the same time so as not to tip the Search Engines off”

By the end of it, you’ll have so many links you’ll force MajesticSEO to double their crawler costs.

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