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    Yahoo’s Search Engine Algorithm Leaked: Exclusive!

    Google schmoogle. By now everyone and their dog have heard about the Google document leak, which is either the biggest gamechanger in SEO history (without actually having anything actionable in it), it’s a big ole plate of nothing burger, or it’s a false flag event to stop us talking about how bad AIO really is […] More

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    The Google Algorithm Document Leak: Our Take

    Yes, we’ve read various takes on the Google Algorithm document leak, and we feel that they’re all missing an obvious angle… that from a voice inside Google that will speak freely, off the record, and confirm or deny that what’s in the document is actually what’s being used in the algorithm. We, here at WTFSEO, […] More

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    Obligatory Star Wars Post

    Any content marketing strategy involves knowing what’s going on in the world at large.  Our head honcho noticed that, for some reason, the old Star Wars movies have been playing on TV a lot lately, so he asked us to Force out a tenuously linked post filled with Star Wars keywords in order to jump […] More

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    EXCLUSIVE: Google to launch Big Bird algorithm

    Following on from the launch of their BERT algorithm, Google have announced that they’ll be continuing to Sesame up the SERPs with their next release: Big Bird. This stands for: BringingInGoogle Before IrrelevantResultsDisplayed When asked to comment on what this means, we reached out to our Google contact (pictured), who stated that this was “truly the […] More

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    BREAKING: New Google Link Identifiers

    While Google today announced the addition of rel=ugc and rel=sponsored to the stable of link identifiers, we’ve got exclusive information about other link identifiers that our Google mole informs us may be announced next month… rel=PBN – used to let Google know about your Private Blogging Network rel=broken – used for all links that 404 […] More

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    The 15 Best SEO Pickup Lines

    The 14th of February is a day for lovers, a day for going that extra mile for your soulmate. But what if you haven’t met them yet, what if you’ve been lacking the right words to tell that special someone exactly how you fell about them? Well don’t worry loyal WTFSEOers, because we’ve done the […] More

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    What The $800 LEGO Millennium Falcon Taught Me About Marketing

    It’s a little-known fact that you can rearrange the letters in Google to spell ‘Go LEGO’. Could buying myself an $800 LEGO Millennium Falcon be a ranking factor? My research suggests the startling possibility that writing this post could get my expense report approved.   The above was a guest post by Dr. Pete who wishes […] More

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    A Week in the Life of a Typical Agency SEO

    April 16th The morning starts with a call with the Ruffington post for a product launch we’ve been working on for 18 months.  Checking the videos of Orangutans are approved, and tagged. Next: Call with our Detroit office to see if they’ve done keyword research and competitive analysis on Orangutan / bicycle related keywords.  Check […] More

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    EgoBait: The Movie

    Yes, it’s true, we’re going to be producing a documentary on EgoBait, where we’ll interview “influencers” who will be more than willing to retweet the movie to their myriad of followers, thereby ensuring views and links for WTFSEO.  Heck, we’ll even throw in a couple of employees here, talking on script camera about how influential […] More

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    Developing your Xennial marketing strategy

    Yes, it’s true, there’s a new demographic that’s been pulled out of a CMO’s ass identified.  The missing link between the mythical Gen X and the “don’t care” Millennials.  A new generation that can complain about Gen X, Boomers, AND Millennials. This is of course, The Xennials (ed – weren’t they called Gen-Y?). The Xennials are […] More

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