BREAKING: New Google Link Identifiers

While Google today announced the addition of rel=ugc and rel=sponsored to the stable of link identifiers, we’ve got exclusive information about other link identifiers that our Google mole informs us may be announced next month…

  • rel=PBN – used to let Google know about your Private Blogging Network
  • rel=broken – used for all links that 404
  • rel=reciprocal – used for those reciprocal link schemes you know you still do
  • rel=WTFSEO – used for those links where you want to send all that yummy, scrumptious link juice to us
  • rel=noindex – because all the SEOs who incorrectly put noindex commands in their robots.txt need somewhere else to incorrectly put them.
  • rel=farm – for link farms.
  • rel=notspam – also for link farms.

So there you have it, feel free to start using these now, as once they’re implemented on Google’s end, they’re guaranteed to work for at least a couple of months before they change their mind and do something else instead.

We asked our Google rep if they’ve made any updates to link juice or link condoms, but they declined to comment.

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