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OWDY hits 200 users – You still aren’t one.

Owdy hits 200 user milestone

You aren’t one of them.

Here at WTFSEO We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to add tons of new features to OWDY – our paradigm shifting social network built on the premise of user arrogance. We’ve added groundbreaking innovative features like the ability to edit your profile. We even have a list of our most popular users (which you’re also not on)

Lately, we’ve been overloaded with requests for OWDY invites. While we appreciate the tremendous interest in OWDY, we hope that you understand that we have to be selective with who we let in, not necessarily in terms of industry cache or the size of the potential bribe you’d be prepared to pay for us to let you in, but because we have to retain a sense of exclusivity so that people froth at the mouth to get in, and we can then sell OWDY invites on eBay as a revenue stream (currently the only one in our business plan).

Therefore we’ve decided that the first 119 readers of this site to use the invite code “wtfseo” will be allowed to create an account on the condition that they brag about it and belittle those who don’t get in. Head on over to to get started.

The rest of you… sorry, we’re going to use the excuse that our servers couldn’t handle the increased load, when you know the real truth…

Didn’t get in? No problem, you can still follow us on Twitter ( @wtfseo ) and on Facebook.

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