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Owdy Selected as National Social Network of Ladonia

<For immediate release>, Denver, CO

The Ministry of Information of the Royal Republic of Ladonia today proclaimed to be The Official National Social Network of Ladonia, and has been granted a Royal Warrant of Appointment by The Queen of Ladonia.

“Having evaluated all of the social networks available, we have determined that Owdy was the only social network that met all of the needs of the citizens of Ladonia.  That, and the donation that Owdy promised to the Ladonian Widows and Orphans fund made this a very easy decision,” said Ladonian President Christopher Matheoss.

“We’re overjoyed to have received this level of recognition from an actual country, as opposed to the original version of this post which had Narnia listed” spake Owdy co-founder Ryan Jones “ and may I further state that we’re not going to rub this in the face of other social networks like E.L.O. who don’t have the features and functionality of a site like Owdy, which would enable them to be considered as our competitors.  We’re just not going to do that”.  He further continued (despite being told that he’d said enough) to say “June 2nd next year will be Ladonia Day on Owdy, where we’ll find ways for all of our Owdyites to celebrate Owdy’s favorite nation… unless a bigger country founded on June 2nd steps forward to endorse Owdy before then”.

To help celebrate, the first 100 users to head over to and use code: wtfseo will be granted access to the exclusive social network.

About Owdy

Owdy is a groundbreaking, paradigm-shifting, next-level social network game changer built on the premise of synergistic user-centric arrogance. Owdy knows you don’t give a shit about what your friends post, so Owdy doesn’t let content get in the way of what truly makes for a good social experience: rushing to get your username before everybody else and re-defining who your friends are.

About Ladonia

Ladonia declared independence from Sweden on June 2, 1996 after a decades long court battle with the Swedish government over the existence of the 75 ton driftwood sculpture “Nimis” on the Kullaberg peninsula in Skåne. Since declaring independence, Ladonia has grown to more than 17,000 registered citizens and boasts more than 40,000 visitors per year to its shores.

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