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Here at WTFSEO our editors, writers, and managers have a lot in common with our readers. Our jobs are similar to that of a typical blogger, SEO, or reporter. We’re all obsessed with quality accuracy trust editorial calendar deadlines. We know there’s nothing more important than publishing thought provoking, relevant, helpful information as frequently as possible.

To help us meet our timeliness goal, we’ve actually published this post before anyone but the author has read it. Don’t worry though, the author is somebody who we once met briefly at WTFCon a few years back who emailed us asking if he could submit a guest post a well known industry authority, so we confidently stand behind this guest post (Unless of course it makes us look bad or gets us sued, then we’ll simply throw the contributor under the bus as is our corporate policy.)

As you read this post our guy in Banglaore who doesn’t speak English, but works for us for free (at least we think he works for us, as none of us here speak Indian) editors are playing around, wasting time on our social network, Owdy while allegedly reading this post for any grammatical erorrs, as none of the editors actually have any experience with the particular topics covered on our entire site in this presumably exhaustively researched post.

Since we’ve already published this post, it’s already been shared on social media by our bots and spammed to and other sites. Our hope is that you, loyal, gentle reader, will just assume that what we’ve published here is 100% accurate, rather than doing any of that pesky fact-checking (are there really any facts in this industry, it’s mostly made up anyway right?). It’s our belief that by publishing this post we can get even more clicks, shares, views and ad revenue create a lively discussion about [insert post topic here.]”

Please take the time to read this post and let us know what you think about it, but before you do that make sure you share it on all your social networks. After all, the more publicity free editors readers we can get, the more ad revenue better this site will be.

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