A Correction to an Earlier Column

I can't handle this change right now. It's just too much. what Were they thinking? Change it back.

As the reputable, leading edge <insert the rest of the boiler plate here> online marketing news site, we do sometimes ruffle the odd feather or two.  When that happens we’re happy to listen to alternative view points, and even post them here, if:

  1. they’ll generate page views
  2. we’re threatened with a law suit

Now, what we do want to make clear is that contributed columns are published as opinion pieces, rather than as news articles, which should put us in the clear, while hanging our columnists out to dry.

Several days ago we published a column by some SEO contributor that insinuated that a major search engine may have been founded as part of an Illuminati plot to control the world.  After speaking with the shadowy representatives of said search engine, we feel that we should make it clear that this was purely speculation on behalf of the columnist, and will not happen again, given that said columnist is no longer with us. (in every sense of the phrase).

Going forward, while it is not our policy to verify any data in the columns published on the site, for reasons of journalistic integrity, we shall, in the future, ensure that our columnists sign something that explicitly puts the responsibility of what they write firmly on them, and we can’t be any clearer than that, especially given that the good name of WTFSEO is at stake.

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