WTFSEO’s Core Values

We had many of our WTFSEO fans, or as we like to call them “WTFers” ask us what the core values driving our business are.  As we believe in giving our audience what we want (as you’ll see when you read our core values, it was inevitable that we’d write it up, and with there not being any news of consequence today, we thought it was time to post this filler piece for all of the WTFers to enjoy.

WTFSEO Core Values:

  • Compassion
  • Likability
  • Inclusivity
  • Transparency
  • Openness
  • Reality (being grounded in it)
  • Intellectually Stimulating
  • Self-fulfillment

Which, while it has an unfortunate acronym*, are values that we hold dear to our heart.  We strive to include those core values in everything we do.**  We also feel that all of our WTFers should incorporate our core values in their everyday life, because you’re all extensions of WTFSEO, even though we don’t pay you.***

So go forth WTFers and spread the word, and if you come across people who don’t know about our core values… help them to find them by sending them here.

*We didn’t actually notice the acronym until we’d printed up the desk cards, and laminated them, by then it was too late / expensive to change, especially without the NFL money that we were counting on.

**except, of course, Transparency or Openness about who writes these posts, but since Google killed Authorship, we don’t feel that bylines are necessary, and we’re being Transparent and Open about that, so it all works out

***unless you write a guest post, then the big boss man**** will offset some of your bar tab with the advertising revenue generated by the post

**** He’s asked me to state that he prefers the adjective “cuddly” to “big” 

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