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WTFSEO To End NFL Relationship


Leading SEO Blog, WTFSEO to immediately cease potential future sponsorship opportunities with the NFL in the wake of other companies receiving positive PR and extra news coverage for doing the same.

TODAY’S DATE SOMEWHERE, USA (most likely): Here at WTFSEO we listen to feedback from our readers, and in light of recent unsavory events in the NFL we would like to announce that we have decided to cease pursuit of any future sponsorship or relationships with the NFL.  We don’t feel that in today’s society, it’s right for us to work with a company that’s experiencing such negative PR right now.  We do, however, recognize that the publicity they’re getting right now means that we needed to push this press release out there as quickly as possible so that we could get some of the tail traffic, and maybe get picked up by some news outlet that doesn’t read this too deeply.

What will the ending of potential pursuit of our relationship mean?

  1. We will not be buying any advertisements or sponsorship on any NFL affiliated programs, venues, events, or merchandise (not that we were planning on doing it anyway as we can’t really afford it – but we definitely won’t now.)
  2. We will not be sending out a letter to the NFL next week asking them to pay us to speak at the upcoming WTFSEO conference.  Every other corporation in the US will receive them, but not the NFL.
  3. We will also not allow them to sponsor the WTFSEO conference at a level below Platinum. However any other company is welcome to sponsor at any of the levels (Unobtainium, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Tin, Aluminum Foil, Iron Pyrite) For more details please contact our sales team.
  4. erm… that’s it.

Boilerplate stuff that nobody reads:

WTFSEO: is a bleeding edge SEO and digital marketing news site that growth hacks the dissemination of industry buzzwords through a series of paradigm shifting synergistic blog posts and interpretive dance videos.  

WTFSEO Conference: is a bleeding edge SEO and digital marketing conference that growth hacks the dissemination of industry buzzwords through a series of paradigm shifting synergistic presentations from industry leaders who have all paid to pitch their services speak

NFL: a non-profit charitable organization based somewhere in the USA (probably)

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