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This is a Real Article (not Native Advertising)


This is a real article about how to get ahead in SEO with direct links to buy our products that you’ll not even realize are paid for because we hope you’ll have skipped over the word “advertisement” above, and will think that this is a real, actual article.

At this point we’ll put in an unrelated graph, to make it look like we have some actual meat to this article


Then we’ll continue to warble on about the topic whilst subtly directing the fact in the direction of the features of our middle of the road product.  Another link should go in here, most likely to our product info page or maybe to our snazzy new landing page for our current campaign.

Just so you don’t start to question the validity of this article, it’s probably time that we throw in an unrelated infographic, because that’s what our consultants told us people really, really like.

Electronic Cigarette Infographic by blu eCigs jpeg

…and now we’ll close out with something that’s both mildly informative,  highly inspirational, and allows us to throw in another link to buy our products.

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