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Best SEO Person or Cat 2018

We saw a list and thought, hey we like lists too!

So you like SEO? And you like lists? We assume you have been told by every politician and celebrity to vote recently so we figured we would jump on that bandwagon too. YOUR VOTE MATTERS HERE. Well, we don’t care if you vote, we just wanted to make a list of popular people with the hopes that they would all link to us and share this post on social media.

Winners will be given a plaque at our annual (starting this year) OES FTW Awards in balmy Antartica on 12/31/2018. To fit in with the locals, black tie formal wear will be required. Attendance is required to receive an award. We are also looking at 2/30/2019 as the backup date for the awards. We will let you know when we finalize the date as we know you all will want to attend.

So here is our awesome 2018 list for Best SEO Person (or Cat) for 2018.

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