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Liveblogging Ungagged: Hacking Google

Black Hat Tips To Dominate Your Competition from #GetUngagged

Howdy WTFSEOers. Today we’re at #GetUngagged in Las Vegas. Despite their no live-blogging and no-photos policy, we’ve obtained special permission to liveblog the hacking Google session. Ungagged has just asked for the ability to redact some information. So, here goes.

First up on the panel is             and he will be talking about various ways to hack Google.

The first technique he mentions is             – a great way to             your competitor’s             using            .

The secret here is to find a page on your competitors site that allows             and then             and ping Google with it. Great Tip!

Second, he’s showing us a great way to find out if your competitors             are             into             by using            

It’s important that you defend your site against this attack by             in your robots.txt, and disabling            . A good way to do that is to check your logs.

In response to this attack, Google has made a change such that             are now ignored if your             is not verified in search console.

Now, on to some newer shadier stuff. We’re going to be talking about             and            

Some great techniques using             to detect whether or not a user is            . Amazing how many undocumented features there are in            

The single biggest trick to increase your rankings is:                       

More Tips:

  • Adding             to the end of a url will cause Googlebot to            
  • You can             your competitors with            
  • XSS Attacks:                                    
  • Googlebot is Chrome41. Exploit that by            
  • You can use Javascript and XSS to change a site’s             or add             to the site.

And that’s it. Thanks so much to             for sharing these amazing actionable SEO tips. We can’t wait to try them out. If you missed this session, you really missed out an a ton of             that the industry will be talking about forever!

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