Make SEO Great Again

make SEO great again

This is the best SEO post

You want to talk about SEO posts? We’re very good at writing SEO posts. In fact, we here at @wtfseo know the very best SEO post writers in the industry. You want the best SEO writers? We have the best SEO writers – and let us tell you this: they’re very good at writing SEO posts. Believe us. They write the best SEO posts out there and we’ve got them.

Those other SEO blogs out there? Those people are really, really, really not good writers. They don’t know about writing SEO posts. Our writers though, they’re very, very good and they are really better at writing SEO posts than those other blogs. We only hire the best. And that means good, quality American SEO writers. None of our writers are criminals or rapists. Or immigrants. In fact, dozens of people have tweeted us to tell us that those other blogs have no idea what they’re talking about. We don’t know for sure, but that’s just what people tell us.

Some have asked what our plan is to make SEO great again. Trust us – we have a plan. It’s the best plan and it’s going to be a winning plan. We’ve met with the best plan makers and they have assured us our plan will make us all winners.

This post right here is probably the very best SEO post out there. Believe us. This post trumps all other SEO posts. And you want to know what’s better than this post? The next one we’re going to publish. [Ed note: I don’t personally know what it’s about, but others are telling me it’s going to be amazing. That’s what they say. A-maze-ing. Believe me, it will be YUUUUGE.]

Not only is this going to be the best SEO post, it’s going to get the most shares, the most tweets and the most links. Seriously, believe me, everybody will be tweeting this post and sharing this post on Facebook. It’s very, very shareable. We’ll have more shares than anybody – so many shares. Amazing.

Let’s talk about sharing posts. Since this is the greatest SEO post, you should share it. What kind of loser wouldn’t want to share the best SEO post out there? If you don’t share this post, you’re a loser. Only losers won’t share this very amazing SEO post. I’ve shared it already. Twice – because I’m a winner. Click the share buttons below – or make Mexico do it if you want – just get it done.

UPDATE: Due to the epic winning of this post, @ryanjones will have a few make seo great again hats to hand out at the upcoming SEJ Summit in Chicago. Buying him a beer will definitely help you get one.

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