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7 Reasons We’re The Best

Recently it has come to our attention that some marketers don’t currently think that WTFSEO is the best. Despite sending out a newsletter with the same title, many people didn’t get the message – so we’re following it up with this blog post. Here are the top 7 reasons why we are the best SEO blog on the Internet. (Ed note: are there blogs that aren’t on the internet?)

  1. We said so – and as the best SEO blog on the internet, our say so carries a lot of weight.
  2. That other blog that we have a business relationship with also said so – and it has absolutely nothing to do with all the money we spend with them.
  3. We’ve been bought and sold several times – and each time our sale price generally goes up when you do some funky stuff with the finances involving a shell company in Luxembourg that actually owns the WTFSEO building, but leases it back to us at a high rate of interest!
  4. Our daily web hits average out at 1,442!! We have no idea what those are or what that means, but 1,442 is a really big number, and we know this because we ping the site once per minute, 24 hours a day to analyze the data.   (we found that when we didn’t keep a tight handle on this, and ping to check, our numbers dropped).
  5. We’re the #1 result for that really obscure search term your CEO typed in the other day and emailed you about.
  6. We won the Best SEO Blog at the WTFSEOCON awards show
  7. Our top 7 list only has 6 items – thus saving you 14% of the time it would normally take you to read this post!

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