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Case Study: Sharing WTFSEO Posts Increases SEO

Here at WTFSEO we know that the most important thing for an SEO specialist to keep track of is correlation. With that in mind, we’re constantly running our own tests so that we can fill our editorial calendar help you, gentle reader, improve your own SEO success.

We’re proud to present our case study on social engagement and SEO. Over the past few months, we begged, pleaded, spammed, guilted, and bribed several of you to share our stories. Tens of you actually did! Since then, we’ve been correlating and causating all the factors and signals, and we’ve made a discovery:

Sharing WTFSEO posts on Twitter is highly correlated to SEO Success.

Look at the following image sent to us by @TheNextCorner:


Dennis shared our post on 11/24 and saw tremendous twitter engagement. We all know from various industry sources that twitter engagement is highly correlated with SEO success – and we’re proud to report that we just confirmed it in our study. You see, Dennis tweeted our post 2 days before thanksgiving, and just 3 days later on Friday his retail site had their highest SEO traffic and sales of the year!

This test conclusively proves that tweeting WTFSEO content is highly correlated with increased twitter engagement, and increased twitter engagement as we all know is highly correlated to SEO success. If we apply the property of transitive relation, it becomes clear that sharing WTFSEO content is highly correlated with (and thus causes) increased SEO rankings.

So there you have it. Q.E.D. Want to improve your SEO content? Start sharing this post now. We’ve even added buttons below to make it easier for you. Think of it as one click SEO!

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