Headlines From Posts We Didn’t Publish

I know it’s hard to believe, but sometimes the posts we write at WTFSEO aren’t up to our high standards, and despite the incentive program offered by the Editor in Chief (loosening the ankle chains / removing a sliver of black tape from the window so we can once again experience sunlight, if even for but a brief moment), we’re not able to wordsmith them into the informational gems that you expect from our each and every utterance.  That said, we thought you may find it interesting to see what might have been

  • First Annual African Big Game hunting trip – sign up today.
  • Top 215 Male SEOs.
  • The Top 25 Social Media Gurus who always fall for Ego Bait posts
  • International SEO: How to get Canadians (the people who live in America Junior) to search on
  • Outsourcing keyword research: Bangalore, Bulgaria, or the African tribe that communicates through clicking noises
  • What Brittany Spears taught me about SEO; or was it Carolyn Shelby?  I get them confused.
  • WTFSEO announces new sister site WTFMarketing
  • A 365 part investigative series on optimizing porn content
  • What Sepp Blatter taught me about white hat SEO
  • How OWDY overtook Facebook as the #1 Social Network

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