Introducing Searchdle – the SEO Version of Wordle

After weeks of seeing all 7 of our readers sharing their daily Wordle scores, we couldn’t take it anymore! They should be talking about WTFSEO not this other thing.

So, today we’re proud to announce that we blatantly ripped off created our own wordle clone called Searchdle.

Searchdle is exactly like Wordle (if you ignore the bugs with duplicate letter coloring) only it’s ALL SEO and search related terms. In order to increase the ad revenue replay value, we’ve made it so that not only does everybody get a different word (no spoilers here!) but you can play as many times as you want too! If you want to challenge friends, you can get a direct link to the same word to play.

You’ll notice quickly that the words all vary in length. That’s on purpose. Words can include anything SEO related like the word seo itself or other acronyms like alt or tfidf. They can be people’s names like drpete, mattcutts or ryanjones. They can be SEO tools like screamingfrog or semrush, algorithm names like panda or just plain SEO ranking factors like correlation or clicks.

There’s about 200 words so far, and growing – so good luck! Start Playing Searchdle Now!

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