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Leaked: Confidential Bing Memo re: Search Engine Strategy

This is our 3rd favorite search engine logo. What? we think ducks are cute.

From: JJ<redacted>
To: T<redacted>

Hey  T,
I don’t know if you’ve seen all the news today, but GI, and JM opened their mouths again, saying absolutely nothing new, but what happens?  All of the sites and social media go crazy over their utterances.  It’s like all they have to do is say  that clicking a link takes you to a website and there are 43 headlines about Google’s new “LinkClick” approach to SEO, or that not clicking a link will lead to ranking degradation.

It’s utterly ridiculous… that we’re not doing this too.  We need to get our guy… Donnie… Dane… whatever his name is, you know the one with the funny accent that keeps talking about motorbikes.  Anyway, we need to get him to say some crap about how the Bing homepage image may somehow have an impact on your ranking, or whatever he wants to say, it doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s not actually saying anything of value so he doesn’t have to go through corp comm.

Anyway, LMK what you think, we can’t have Goggle getting all the press.


P.S. I’ve just had Jenny tell me that we eliminated Darren… Dune… whatever his name was… anyway we got rid of that role, and don’t have any public facing person now. Can we use Fiver to push something like this out to Fark or Digg or something? Maybe you can do it on Fleek?

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