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Least Popular Google Search Terms

SEO Blogs love to publish their lists of most popular search terms whenever the year comes to a close or a major newsworthy event happens. Here at WTFSEO however, we think that’s too easy – and we strive to do better.

As some of you may recall, we just hosted our annual WTFSEO Conference. One of the perks of offering free WIFI at our conference is that we can then sell your data to our sponsors run a high level analysis of the data.

Our crack team of analysts were sitting around watching cat videos so we gave them this task intrigued by the fact that several prominent SEOs were all gathered on the same network and got to thinking about whether or not they could glean any insights out of their search behavior.

After snooping through all your personal messages and emails analysing the WIFI data from WTFSEOCON, we’re proud to present….

The least popular Google search queries from WTFSEOCON attendees:

  1. WTFSEOcon Agenda
  2. Dingy
  3. Cheap Flights To Detroit
  4. Hire Climb Online SEO
  5. Social Media ROI
  6. Simon Heseltine Naked
  7. Download WTFSEOcon Presentations
  8. Advance Tickets For Next Year’s WTFSEOcon
  9. sub domains vs sub directories
  10. Non Disclosure Agreement
  11. List of Top SEO Gurus
  12. Male to Female WTFSEOCON Speaker Ratio
  13. Is Ryan Jones Single?
  14. How To Spam
  15. Gluten Free, Kosher, Pescatarian, Paleo, Atkins-friendly meal option
  16. Is SEO Dead?

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