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Reading Content Out Loud Improves Google Rankings

Google confirms that reading your content out loud will lead to better rankings

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SEO is hard and SEOs are always looking for a new way to rank. Good news for you, we’ve uncovered a new ranking factor.

And it comes directly from Google itself.

Google’s own Gary Ilyes told us recently on Twitter, and SEroundtable covered:

“DYK if you read out loud the text on your page and it doesn’t sound natural, that piece of text may weigh much less during ranking”

Did you catch that?

If you read your content out loud, Google will rank it better!

Amazing. We love it when Google pulls back the curtain and lets us poor in-the-dark SEOs know about a new ranking factor that we can directly implement and see our rankings go up!

Leading SEO experts speculate this this technique works best if you read your content near a Google home device or nest thermostat, inside a self driving car, or with a new Google pixel phone in your pocket.

As we write this article, our very own wtf-intern is hitch-hiking heading out to the local Google office with a tablet and megaphone to start reading.

Now if only the dog would stop looking at us weirdly as we try to read this spun content out loud for our latest seven figure affiliate site…

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