WTFSEO’s State of the SEO Industry Media Survey

A fair and balanced questionnaire

Yes, it’s that time of year, when we reach out, to you, our loyal WTFSEOers to get your thoughts on the state of the SEO industry media. ¬†What are your intimate thoughts about SEJ, SEL, SEW, SER, SEQ, SEX (are you sure about that one? – ed), and how WTFSEO fits into this landscape as a purveyor of SEO newsiness. ¬†Please be as honest with your answers as you can be, as we’ll be reviewing each and every one, which will be stamped with your IP address for easy tracking.

Q1: Given that all the other industry media sites hate you, isn’t WTFSEO your favorite?
a) Yes
b) Hell Yes

Q2: I get my SEO news from:
b) I don’t, I live in a bubble of ignorance
c) What’s SEO?

Q3: The way that Google treats WTFSEO is reprehensible, if the other industry publications weren’t given such preferential treatment, they’d be even further ahead of them.
a) agree

Q4: By refusing to allow WTFSEO to take over Whiteboard Fridays, the MOZ team are showing their inherent bias against our fine publication
a) Absolutely
b) Even though I’m a Mozzer, I completely agree with this statement

Q5: By refusing to give WTFSEO multiple standing press passes, conferences are denying both of our readers the opportunity to discover, through our write-ups, which conference after party delivers the worst hangover
a) They should be ashamed of themselves, in fact their children, and their children’s children should be ashamed for them
b) Duuude!

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