Top Reasons We Didn’t Publish A Better Article Today

We wanted publish something great, but instead we came up with this.

  1. Somebody on Facebook was wrong about something – and we had to respond.
  2. JigglyPuff isn’t going to catch himself.
  3. We started writing a post, but then spent 2 hours as our computer was forcibly upgraded to Windows 10
  4. Mom! Mom! Mommy! Look at Me. MOOOOOOM, Mom you’re not looking. Hey Mom LOOK. MOMMMMMM! [editor’s note: or for some of our staff, this]
  5. We wanted to satire Trump, but his actual statements were better than any parody angle we could have written.
  6. WOW’s new Demon Hunter class was released.
  7. All of our editors are working on our Penguin recovery case study – to be posted the day Google updates Penguin
  8. Sat up all night talking to that girl on Bumble about….I don’t remember
  9. We’re waiting to post until we get verified by Twitter.
  10. The client called to ask if we’d seen his Lync message about the email he sent us 30 seconds ago.
  11. There weren’t enough power outlets at this conference, so we had to preserve battery life for Tweeting.
  12. We were in a Google Hangout asking them to confirm whether dashes or underscores are better for SEO.

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