The Ultimate SEO Quiz

While other sites put out their ego-masturbatory SEO quizzes that provide little to no educational value, we here at WTFSEO feel that our job is to earn beer money through ad revenue educate our readers.  Only a true SEO GURU will be able to get even half of these answers right, and even then they’ll be challenged to the very core of their being, their beliefs shaken, and their minds blown…

So sit back, sharpen your brain, and get ready for the Super Hardest EVER SEO Quiz.

1. What does SEO stand for?
a) Search Engine Optimization

b) Search Engine Optimisation

c) Sewage Enforcement Official

d) Something Everyone Owns

2. Page Rank was named after Larry Page and who else?

a) Rank Cinemas

b) The rank smell of a wedge of old Stilton in Sergei’s fridge

c) Milton Rank, the 3rd founder of Google who was wiped from their corporate history after the Llama incident of 2000

3. What is the ideal Keyword Density?

a) 3.69%

b) 23.41%

c) The exact square root of Pi

d) Aardvark

e) A metric f@cktonne

f) All of the above

4. When not implementing cross domain canonical tags, but implementing pagination tags on a paginated series, which each use a sub type of the Medical Entity Schema, containing only the required fields, and no optional ones, who do you call to find out what to do next?

a) An agency founded by a reality TV show contestant that doesn’t yet have a website 8 months after registering the domain

b) You bypass your internal SEO experts and call your neighbor’s kid because he’s “into computers”

c) You ignore it because it sounds complicated, and it’s up to Google to fix things for you

d) All of the above

5. I have a personal opinion on something within SEO, that’s not necessarily the standard view, but I’m adamant I’m right.  So can you guess the answer out of this selection, none of which sound right to you

a) Hell, no.  They all look wrong

b) Well, there’s one that sounds like it might be partially right?

c) It’s a 25% chance, so I’m just going to guess and go with C

d) all of the above

6. Your SEO expertise pales in comparison to mine, you are but a mere mortal, I am an SEO god!

a) Correct

b) Of course, thank you for deigning to even allow me to bask in your unfettered glory.

c) All of the above

How many did you get right?

<25% Neophyte – You’re just starting out, you don’t know much at all.  Really, you should just be grateful that I even let you take the test.

<40% Expert – Your keyword metatag skills are strong, you know how to optimize your sidewiki, you’ve got a shot at something here kid.

<50% Guru – You should think about writing your own SEO quiz, only don’t ask me to take it because I’ll just skew the bell curve.  I’ll see you in the speaker room at the next WTFSEO Conference.

>50% Cheat – You’ve taken this test several times, just so you can work out the actual answers, you’re only hurting yourself.

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