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Cyber Monday Tips For SEOs

Are you ready for Cyber Monday? Here’s our best practices

Today is Cyber Monday and our editors insist that we write something about it so that we can add to the social media noise and email spam already proliferating the interwebs today. So, here goes:

Make sure you have the best Cyber Monday possible with our helpful tips:

  1. Wear clothing that’s easy to describe.
  2. Remove the piece of post it note that’s covering your webcam.
  3. Don’t take snapchat screenshots – it now tells the other person you did it. Instead, take a picture of your phone with another device.
  4. Make sure your robe and wizard hat are properly ironed and cleaned.
  5. [Apologies, my editor just explained cyber Monday to me….]
  6. Rather than going onto Amazon to find out that they have nothing that you want / are sold out of that one thing you wanted, 12 seconds into the hour they put it on sale, watch a funny YouTube video about LARPing
  7. Discover that you can order online at your local Mexican fast food place, and make it the non-alliterative Taco Monday
  8. Be fashionably late, no one will be early or on time today so take your time getting ready
  9. Tell IT you GOT THIS BRO and to just take the day off! What are the chances the servers will go down? Well you are a SEO HERO so no worries here.

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