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LITRE – The Five International Super-Signals of SEO

As the leading cutting-edge SEO news blog, we feel that it’s important to have a strategy that is also an acronym. Buzz words are vital to a brand’s cross-platform user-centric storytelling approach. That’s why when we heard about what one SEO calls the QUART method, we knew we had to make our own acronym. Furthermore, we realized that to truly achieve synergy we had to think outside of the box and pivot to a more international paradigm – because international SEO is also a big topic these days.

Today we’re going to rant to you about our brand new disruptive LITRE Method. LITRE is tailored for SEOs who don’t have the time or budget to worry about things like Quality, Authority, or Trust but still want to achieve results. According to our initial measurements, LITRE is only about 94% as good as Alan’s QUART method, however it is far more appealing to the coveted international audience – and much less confusing when it comes to your site conversion.

Introducing LITRE – the 5 signals of international SEO


Lying about Link building techniques. Links are important, so they should be gained by whatever method necessary, including the 3 B’s – Begging, Bribing and Blackmail.  There’s absolutely no reason that you shouldn’t be “economical with  the truth” when asked by your peers how you got the links, just tell them that it was all done in a “white hat” manner in accordance with Google guidelines.


Indian Outsourcing. SEO is expensive. Save money by having a non-native speaker optimize your content. The I can also stand for “Interns.” Either strategy is good – as long as you don’t pay them anything close to a living wage.


Top SEO Lists. These are important. Make sure you pay to be included on any and all top SEO lists so you can attract premium clients.   Ensure that you start and close any press releases that you put out with a note about your inclusion on these “exclusive” lists


Regurgitate other SEO blogs. Don’t bother testing or finding things out for yourself. If you’ve had a problem, somebody else has probably already solved it and blogged about it. Just head on over to their blog, and do what they did. Then, blog about it yourself. Instant case study!  (ed: I thought we were calling this one reuse?  Ah, never mind, it’s the same thing)


Exaggerate. Whether you’re taking creative liberties with your skill set and credentials to win business or carefully crafting that keyword list so that it shows an increase in rankings, Exaggerating your impact is a must, and if you don’t have the data… make it up, who’s going to actually do the research to check it out?  Nobody, that’s who.

Note: The LITRE method is a refreshed pivot from, and supersedes our old GALLON method:

  • Growth Hacking
  • Affiliate Links
  • Linking to
  • Like Us On Facebook
  • Never Pay The Interns

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  1. This was bloody brilliant but I prefer the PINT strategy. It’s not actually an acronym, it’s an amount of beer to be consumed everytime someone blogs that SEO Is dead. Drink up lads!

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