Why Modern SEO Requires Almost No Technical Expertise

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The Internet is complicated. If you think about the innumerable calculations that go into every Google search just to bring you the perfect information for your request, it can almost be overwhelming. Trying to appeal to every line of code in Google’s core algorithm to rank higher would be virtually impossible, even for the most advanced programmer.

Fortunately, you’re not a Google engineer, and you don’t need to be in order to rank higher in search engines. Because the early days of SEO leaned on backend coding tactics and deceptive tricks to get sites ranking higher, there’s a modern-day misconception that SEO success can only be achieved through a combination of technical proficiency and extensive experience. This simply isn’t true.

While there are some architectural strategies and coding tactics that you should employ as part of your strategy, for the most part, modern SEO can be implemented without any prior experience, and without any technical knowledge of how websites — or Google’s algorithm — work. (hang on a minute – ed)


An Apology from the Editor“I’ve just been informed that the above post was not a parody post, despite it appearing to be, and was live on a… (is reputable the right word? no? ok…) nother site.  We apologize for misrepresenting the views of the author’s ghost writer, and we promise not to do it again.”  

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