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OWDY Social Network Hacked

Breaking News: According to recent tweets from the hacker group known as identified, OWDY – the popular social network from WTFSEO – has been hacked.

Dingy, WTFSEO’s official social media campfire song-leader has confirmed the hack saying “We’re still working to figure out the full details of the breach, however we’re certain that 10’s of users public profile information has been compromised.”

Identified is threatening to release the full data of the hack which includes usernames, twitter handles, profile photos, and spam site links entered by SEOs who realized that profile pages don’t contain a nofollow. If the group follows through on their threat, this could mean double digit user profiles may actually be seen by members of the public who have no idea what OWDY is.

The WTFSEO PR team has issued the following statement: “We were first alerted to the hack by one of our own banner ads. After clicking the ad, the website revealed the details of the hack and offered us special software to clean it up for only $79. We’ve run the software and are assured that it will prevent future hacks like this from occurring – however depending on the PR and traffic we get in response to this announcement, we reserve the right to purposely open ourself up to future hacks.”

To help alleviate tensions, OWDY is now extending free invites to the exclusive social network to anybody reading this article. Just head on over to and use the exclusive invite code: WTFSEO

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