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Penguin Recovery Case Study

Details of our Penguin Recovery

Depending on which SEO you ask, it’s been a few days to a few weeks since the latest Google Penguin update launched – and while most recovery case studies had been written in draft mode many months ago, we haven’t seen many of them actually showing up on Owdy yet. For you, though, the wait is finally over though! Here at WTFSEO we’ve partnered with Bruce Clay [ed note: don’t we have to ask them and get their permission for this?] to confirm that we have a Verified Penguin Update!

You may remember our penguin status from the photo of the day a few weeks ago. It wasn’t looking good:

Google Penguin Penalty

After attending a recent conference though, we noticed several mainstream SEOs talking about penguin recoveries. The one thing they had in common? Blowing hot air.

Armed with that new knowledge we headed back home anxious to try their techniques – and after blowing several lungfuls of hot air, our penguin status changed!


After confirming with *that guy from the search engine* (we emailed him, he didn’t respond, which we take to mean that we’re absolutely correct), we can categorically state¬†that we are now¬†fully recovered from our Penguin deflation issue!

Now, you may ask “Can I apply this knowledge to my own site in order to recover from Penguin?”

On the advice of our attorney we’d rather not answer that question, but you are more than welcome to ask us in person and, over a pint or three of JW Black label, we’ll nod and / or wink in an exaggerated manner that may lead you to believe things one way or another, without us being legally liable when it doesn’t work.

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