The Same Post You Saw On Another Site Yesterday

Here at WTFSEO we sincerely dislike the practice of scraping the excellent content from our site, and reprinting it on their site that *other* sites in this industry do.

However, we do appreciate that not every reader of our site is subscribed to our competitors, therefore we’ve lovingly extracted excerpts from their feed, and are reprinting them here, so that our readers don’t have to go there.

In the interests of fairness, we’re only going to put the most pertinent information here, with a tl;dr that explains all of the main points of the article.  We’ll then throw a no-follow link at the bottom of the post with nonsensical anchor text, back to the originating post, and we’ll optimize the title in a better manner than they’ve done.

Unfortunately our CMS has a couple of issues, so we’re not going to be able to canonicalize to their post, we’re going to have to set our publish time to be 5 minutes before they published, and we’ll have to change the byline to say that I wrote it, but they should be happy for the exposure that they’ll be getting from an august publication such as ours. After all, now all of our WTFSEOers are going to have heard of them, and we know by listening to the clips of your conversations recorded through your Samsung TVs looking at our analytics how many of you there are.

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