The Complete List of Google Ranking Factors

There’s a lot of posts, infographics, lists, and tables going around these days full of Google ranking factors. In an ever changing, constantly updating industry like SEO we took one look at these different ranking factor lists and instantly realized: “We need one too!”

With that in mind, we turned to our annual SEO Industry Survey to poll some SEOs and help us compile our list of Google ranking factors, promptly calculated the results, accidentally left them at the bar, and proceeded to completely make up all of the below factors based upon how well they aligned with our current business models.

So, without further ado, here’s the WTFSEO Complete List of Google Ranking Factors:

1. Site Quality

2. Spam Penalties

3. Number of Friends

4. Authorship Page speed

5. Drinks purchased for Google employees at WTFSEOCON

6. Pixel width to height ratio on all embedded content links going to non-disavowed sites

7. Word Target Frequency Semantic Eigenvector Ordinance

8. Number of emails in Gmail account used in website domain registration.

9. Average traffic per minute on section of highway adopted by your company.

10. Links from 4 character domain names.

11 – 200: Things we’ve directly copied from other blogs posts without researching.

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  1. In reality, you can do really well at SEO by just focusing on #1 and #2. There’s some truth in our posts sometimes.

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