This week in SEO: Thursday edition

While it’s true that we may have been mildly premature in putting out a post yesterday recapping the search news of the week, we do have to lay the blame firmly at the feet of our editor in chief whose “Wrap up post – 10/23” scribbled on a bbq sauce stained napkin looked like “10/21”.  But knowing the high standards that you, our loyal WT-effers hold us to at this award winning* news site we decided we’d better do a recap today with the other bits since yesterday.

  • Twitter polls

Yes, you can now incorporate polls into your tweets.  We tried this yesterday with the question “Can you see this poll?”, and received a 100% affirmation that both respondents did indeed see the poll, which really goes to prove the value of this new arrow for your marketing machine gun.

  • One second videos on Instagram

A lot can happen in a second, a second can change a life, a split second decision can mean the difference between success and failure.  A second can also be just long enough for you to create a 5 image gif for Instagram to show just how your brand really doesn’t get what “Back To The Future Day” was all about.  But, why not go ahead and add Boomerang on your resume, right next to Periscope, Meerkat, Owdy, and Plurk.

  • Facebook Search

Yes, now you can find that exceptionally amusing cat picture you posted 2 years ago, you know the one… it was a tabby, wearing a cute little motorcycle helmet, standing on its hind legs in front of a copy of Kierkegaard’s “The Concept of Irony”.  Only since the only text around it was your description: “Awwwww”, and it received neither comments nor likes from any of your disassociated “friends”, perhaps not.

* -WTFSEO 2014 award for “Best industry blog that’ll let Ryan Jones anywhere near it”.

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