This week in SEO: How Current News Impacts Search

As you’re aware, gentle reader, this column hasn’t been published quite as often as we’d initially intended, with the last one being sometime before the database purge of 2004, however we’re back to let you know how the latest news from around the web impacts your very livelihood. We know that most of the other search blogs post their recaps on Friday but here at WTFSEO we’re so ahead of the curve that we’re posting ours on Wednesday – 2 whole days ahead of the competition.

  • The Canadaland Elections

Apparently they have democracy up in the frozen north now, which is something that you may not have been aware of (unless you’d seen that segment on the John Oliver show).  Apparently a topless model was selected as the new President, with the twist being that it was a man!  We asked our friends at Canadian search engine to give us a list of top trending election search terms, but they must have done something wrong, as half of them were in French, so we’re not going to show them here.

  • Big search engine makes undisclosed changes to their algo… possibly

We’ll have our naming of the change, our “what it means to you”, our “recovery from” and our “roundup of industry talking heads commenting on something they’ve not actually witnessed for themselves, but know about because they all read the same speculative post on another site” articles going up later today

  • Formerly relevant Search Engine announced that it’s partnered with Big Search Engine… while still being partnered with Not so big, but bigger than them Search Engine

If you’re doing paid search, this could be a big shift for you, especially if you’re targeting mobile devices.  If you’re doing organic, you’re already exclusively targeting Big Search Engine anyway, so this means nothing.

The recent news from Search Engine Guy that he’s quitting the search engine, and taking another position in the industry, where the intention is that he’ll be just as visible as he is now has sent the industry into a tither.  Because of this you should expect no swings in your traffic or rankings unless of course you’re referring to your several articles about search engine guy’s new job – or something else completely unrelated happens that causes a shift in traffic / rankings.

  • A different Search Engine Guy Spoke At a Conference

A different search engine employee recently spoke at a conference. He said absolutely nothing new, however we will be publishing no less than 37 blog posts about the impact of what he said, reactions to what he said, and how it applies to your site.

  • WTFSEO announced that it is to be a Karda****n free zone

Our editor in chief saw that another site did this earlier in the week and got some good publicity out of it, so he felt it was worth a shot.

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