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Top Search Terms of 2015

As you know, we here at WTFSEO love to be ahead of the curve, so while our so called “competitors” are kowtowing to the search engines over their “Top Search Terms of 2014”, we decided that we’d go one better and give you the top terms for 2015 (they’re guessing at the terms for December, so why can’t we go that one step beyond?).

Who better to predict the future than our Digital Messiah – The marketer formerly know as Dingy*?  So without further ado, here’s his list of the Top Search Terms of 2015

  1. Sex
  2. Dingy Shuffle
  3. Free Porn
  4. Google
  6. Gogole
  7. Abe Vigoda Nude Pictures Leaked
  9. Taylor Swift Wedding Incident
  10. Who the heck is Ryan Jones
  11. Owdy IPO

As you can see, not much difference from the 2014/2013/2012/etc list, with a new dance video craze at #2, a scandal at #7 and a celebrity wedding at #9 & #10.

*NB: we’re not quite sure how to pronounce the symbols he now claims represent his name, as they do change each time we ask him to write it down.

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