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Yes, it’s true.  WTFSEO has joined the space race.  Unlike those folks at a certain regal SEO tool who 3d printed a map of servers around the world and called it “the Internet”, we’re actually printing the whole, complete internet (even the naughty bits.)

In association with the fine folks at NASA (Nigerian Allied Space Association), WTFSEO will be changing the world forever with this daring, innovative venture.  General M’Dunah of NASA has agreed to send the latest, next generation Dot Matrix technology up on the next megarocket, along with 12 reams of lined paper.   Scheduled to launch on the 31st of September 2017, we’ll be breaking barriers around the world, as we print every page of every site sequentially, as the megarocket passes over each server.

How much did this cost?  Well, we did pay 5 figures + for this, as the General demanded that we throw 10,000 Naira in his account, as well as ship him a copy of 1996’s “The Best of Limahl” on CD.  So you know we’re not skimping on this.

What will we do with this 8th wonder of the modern world?  Well, we’re thinking that we should probably donate it to the Smithsonian museum – the one with Archie Bunker’s chair, and the original Kermit – so that people from around the world can gaze in wonder at our amazing achievement.  Either that, or we’ll have the Nigerian astronauts trail it out of the side of the megarocket so that it can light up the night sky on re-entry and show the world that WTFSEO is the light that the industry both needs, and deserves.

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