10 Advanced SEO Tactics You’ve Never Heard Of!

…assuming you’ve never heard of SEO before.

As you know, we always reward our loyal readers with the latest tactics and news in the SEO industry.  Since we’ve decided to triple down on Search in 2017, we thought what better way to start out than by telling you the ways that our in-house team of SEOs has tripled our daily traffic since the start of the year (it’s true, we’re at 6 UV’s a day now – ed).  Now, while these tactics are mostly white hat, you should be aware that if you implement them incorrectly you can completely destroy your site, burning it to the ground as far as Google’s concerned, never to return to the SERPs again.

That said, here they are: have fun.

  1. Page specific category based migratory siloing
  2. Latent synaptic insertion
  3. Schema based dynamic data creation
  4. Hyper-mobile optimized conversion pages
  5. Cream text on a white background
  6. Randomly optimized link wheels
  7. Garage door pages
  8. Psychographic keyword delivery
  9. Implementing the SEO super-meta tags
  10. Optimizing for Bing (ok, we’ll stop there, you’re obviously just making them up now – ed)


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  1. Hi Dave – great article! I will have to do some research on what some of the points are as I never heard of this SEO tactics. And you always are ahead of game!

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