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10 Black Hat Tactics That Google Will Penalize You For!

Under no circumstances should you use any of these!

As you know, we always reward our loyal readers with the latest tactics and news in the SEO industry.  Since we’ve decided to triple down on Search in 2017, we thought what better way to start out than by warning you of the ways that you can irrevocably harm your site in the eyes of Google Now, these are completely black hat, and you should be aware that if you implement them you will completely destroy your site, burning it to the ground as far as Google’s concerned, never to return to the SERPs again.

That said, here they are: be warned.

  1. Page specific category based migratory siloing
  2. Latent synaptic insertion
  3. Schema based dynamic data creation
  4. Hyper-mobile optimized conversion pages
  5. Cream text on a white background
  6. Randomly optimized link wheels
  7. Garage door pages
  8. Psychographic keyword delivery
  9. Implementing the SEO super-meta tags
  10. Optimizing for Bing (ok, we’ll stop there, you’re obviously just making them up now – ed)

Anyone who recommends using these tactics should be hung, drawn and quartered for their recklessness… or at least told off and have a finger wagged in their general direction…


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  1. I see what you have done here! Question why would “Schema based dynamic data creation” would be a black hat tactic. Just asking because with ecommerce websites it’s hard to do the schema for products. But would that mean the Google wouldn’t show the schema information for those products?

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