WTFSEO is Tripling Down on Search in 2017

Possibly quadrupling, but at least 3.2x


We wouldn’t be here without you, so I wanted to give you a brief update on some big changes happening at WTFSEO.

Tl;dr: We’re focusing our efforts on core SEO parodies such as dumb things brands do, ego bait posts on “industry leading sites”, and search engines asking us to turn our heads and cough.. In the future, we’ll no longer offer OWDY Content or Dingy’s weekly newsletter.

What’s the reason for this complete 360′ change in direction?  Well. a couple of our interns demanded that they get paid in more than exposure, even after we explained how valuable it is to their future careers (past interns have leveraged said exposure in a multitude of ways, moving into careers in finance (cashier at Owdy Burger), and law (representing herself over that “drunk in public” charge)).  So we had to let them go, which means that until we can find a new batch of exposure hungry millennials, we’re forced to pivot back to our core incompetency (is that right? – ed).

We know that as we continue this journey, you’ll support us every step of the way by sharing our posts (remember for every 5 shares, you get a 6th one at no additional cost), and sending your bots to click on every ad on the page, multiple times.  Just remember, gentlest of gentle readers, that we pledge never to abandon you*, so it’s up to you to honor your side of that pledge that we’ve made on your behalf.


*unless someone wants to buy this site… doesn’t have to be cash, we’ll take single malt…  then we’re out of here faster than a greased ferret up a trouser leg.


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