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Breaking! Google [Revamps / Updates / Tweaks / Upgrades / Overhauls / Changes] Search Console [Feature]

That sneaky Google has done it again! They’ve secretly updated one of its key Search Console features in such a soft, gentle, under the radar, barely visible to the human eye, covert sort of way that nobody but nobody noticed (apart from us… and the guy that tipped us off… and… nope, that was it).

The revamped tool does something slightly different than the exact same feature did just a couple days ago. But the change is so subtle, so… genius, that essentially it’s the same as it was last week.

It also looks a bit different as they’ve hugely, outlandishly changed the background color from #FFFFFF to #FFFFFE (although it may just look that way due to the CGA monitors we use that the Editor in Chief bought in a close-out sale 23 years ago).

While the overhaul is barely noteworthy, it WILL change your life – in no significant way – unless, of course, you live for this kind of thing, in which case… have at it!

Here’s a screenshot:

INSERT SCREENSHOT HERE (Don’t forget to put this in before it goes live – Ed)

Some guy spotted the upgrade first and mentioned it on Twitter to both of his followers. Then some blogger nobody has heard about wrote about it on his blog and emailed me in the hopes I’d link to his crappy little blog. And now WTFSEO is first to report the scoop about the Search Console tweak, but we’ll get all the credit/links/shares/rankings because we’re the best (and nobody’s heard of that little blog and can’t be bothered to click on the “hat tip” link anyway)!

Google wouldn’t confirm our emails asking if the change is real or just the result of a fever induced hallucination. (NB: we didn’t *actually* email them, we just typed the question into the Google Search Bar, we figured that was enough).


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  1. WTF,

    I like your whole concept of parodying SEO. Something out of the box. I was wondering if we can collaborate on a project?

    You may contact me through my website.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    WTF- Mo

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